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With our robust API, Checkr is designed to deliver a seamless background check experience to you and your candidates.


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AI Powered COre

Background checks built for the modern era

Traditional background check companies rely on manual operations to process report data, which slows down time-to-offer, could introduce bias, and makes it difficult to scale. We’ve rebuilt the background check process with technology at its core, so you can increase productivity for your team and get candidates to work sooner.

API and Integrations

Plug into the HR systems you’re already using

We’re on a mission to help you create a seamless hiring experience that empowers recruiters and candidates alike with greater transparency and control. Whether you use a well-known ATS or a custom solution, our seamless integrations and background check API help you reduce manual work and redundancies.

Candidate Portal

A modern experience that empowers candidates

If candidates feel left in the dark by the background check process, they are more likely to drop out of your hiring pool or move on to a different offer. Our mobile-friendly candidate portal enables candidates to track the status of their background check, access FAQ documents to proactively address concerns, and connect with a dedicated live support team.

Global Screenings

Embrace remote and global talent

Checkr’s global screenings platform extends the modern technology of our domestic product across the world. With screenings available in over 200+ countries and territories, you can manage your domestic and international checks with a single source of truth.

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