Innovative Products to Help You Hire Safely and Efficiently

You no longer need to sacrifice hiring efficiency in order to enforce strong risk mitigation processes. Checkr helps your risk and hiring teams work together with innovative products to help you move faster with less risk.

Our hiring and risk products

We know how important it is to convert qualified candidates quickly, without compromising on compliance and accuracy. Our innovative hiring and risk products are designed to do just that.

Checkr Assess

Reduce adjudication time by up to 90%

Checkr’s Assess offers detailed filtering tools and funnel insights so you can increase recruiter productivity, optimize candidate conversion, and reduce human bias in your hiring process.

Continuous Crim

Increase visibility with continuous criminal checks

Continuous Crim is a subscription service that helps you find new, reportable records faster so you can reduce risk and support safer workplaces.

Continuous MVR

Focus on driver safety with continuous MVRs

Continuous MVR automatically monitors your drivers’ records for license status changes, incidents, and violations.

Reduce candidate acquisition costs 80% with Checkr Assess

eTech Promotes Safety and Compliance with Continuous Background Checks

eTech needed a partner that would understand the compliance requirements of their many high-security hiring campaigns. With Checkr’s continuous monitoring solution, eTech can quickly and easily run annual re-checks to ensure that they are in compliance with clearance policies.


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