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May 22, 2024
Checkr Editor


If your background checks can’t scale with you, your team may be losing great talent to competitors with more efficient, accurate, and candidate-friendly tools. At Checkr, we’ve structured our platform to provide enterprises with an outstanding experience that gives you a competitive edge.

In this post, we explore how Checkr's modern platform not only speeds up the background check process but also enhances the overall candidate experience, including our:

  • Vertically-integrated data sources
  • Innovative adjudication solutions
  • Advanced case management systems
  • Intuitive, mobile-friendly candidate portal
  • Trusted data security

Be sure to explore additional blogs in this series for a complete picture on how Checkr helps enterprises win, including why enterprises choose Checkr and how we’ve designed world-class services and support for large-scale organizations.

Gain fast access to the freshest, most accurate data

Your team’s talent evaluation decisions are only as good as your data. Your team needs access to current and accurate background check data, delivered rapidly in standardized form.

Checkr can provide background checks in minutes, whereas other platforms we’ve used take at least two days.
Bianca Hernandez, HR Generalist
Domino’s, DAKS Inc. Franchise Group

The fastest background check

Checkr is widely known for having innovated with automation and AI to achieve the fastest background check turnaround time. 97% of customers say our turnaround time is faster than the competition. 99% of background checks processed on our platform are automated after data retrieval, with human QA.

Vertically-integrated data sources

In contrast to most background check services, Checkr owns most of our data sources. Checkr is the parent company of Tessera, which services our criminal data to many of the largest consumer reporting agencies, including most Checkr competitors. Those competitors rely on our data, but they don’t own our data with direct access to it—only Checkr does. We have the fastest access to our data and full control over its quality and freshness.

Clear, consistent charge data

Our charge classifier uses machine learning to quickly categorize criminal charges from jurisdictions across the US, greatly reducing the amount of time your adjudicators need to spend on manual review.

Scale and refine talent evaluation processes

When hiring at scale, reviewing background check reports is a resource-intensive process that can be prone to human error. Your adjudicators need tools that will help them save time, increase consistency, avoid bias, and collaboratively manage adjudication decisions. 

Intelligent rules-based adjudication

Checkr Assess is the sophisticated adjudication toolset we designed for companies that hire in high volumes. With Assess, your adjudication team can save time and more effectively manage compliance. Easily set granular criteria for multiple roles upfront, then view only relevant reportable charges in each candidate’s background check report.

Assess enables programmatic adjudication, establishing safeguards that only surface relevant charges, increase consistency, and reduce bias. With custom rule-setting for 235 criminal record categories, your Assess toolset can reduce manual review work for your adjudicators by up to 85%. The powerful analytics in Assess allow you to see hiring patterns and predict candidate funnel impact before making changes to your hiring criteria.

Advanced adjudication case management

We are excited to introduce our newest adjudication capability—case management—which makes your adjudication processes even stronger. Case management allows multiple adjudicators on your team to collaboratively work a case. The intuitive case management user experience enables adjudicators to assign and re-assign case ownership, make annotations and post comments, and view and filter cases by status and owner. 

Case management reduces time to decision, ensures team alignment on adverse action decisions, and is an easy way to create and retrieve documentation around a case that could be required for a legal review.

Offer an outstanding candidate experience

Enterprise hiring teams who use a background check service with a second-tier candidate experience are likely losing great talent from the funnel. You need a platform that builds candidate confidence and enhances their impression of your brand.

PrideStaff is a national staffing agency consistently ranked in the top 1% of staffing companies, placing over 30,000 employees each year. Our candidate experience is one of the reasons PrideStaff chose Checkr following a rigorous vendor selection process.

Checkr’s candidate experience has always been strong, smooth and quick, especially for those that have access to a smartphone. It’s a seamless experience.
Sarah Hayden, Director of Risk Management

Built for mobile. Your candidates spend much of their digital time on mobile. They deserve Checkr’s responsive, mobile-focused UI with international availability.

Real-time guidance and visibility. Your candidates receive SMS alerts, leading to intuitive forms which request only the minimum info needed. Candidates are notified as changes occur, with clear status updates and action items in the candidate portal.

Candidate portal. Your candidates get access to their own portal to monitor the progress and read the results of their background check, with helpful FAQs to build their understanding and confidence.

Language options. Candidates can choose among several popular languages to tailor their application flow, email notifications, and candidate portal to their native language.

Candidate stories. Intuitive workflows let your candidates proactively tell their story and provide context for events in their history, with embedded writing support from Grammarly for a professional response.

24/7 candidate support. Our expert Candidate Experience team is ready via chat and email to address candidate concerns and help at any step in the process.

Maximize data security and rely on our consistent uptime

Your workers’ data is sensitive and precious. Your talent teams must be able to seamlessly traverse among applications with airtight data protection. They also need peace of mind that their mission-critical hiring and workforce management applications will always be available and performant.

Checkr customer Agero provides roadside assistance programs for some of the most well-known automaker and auto insurance brands in the US, protecting over 115 million drivers per year. Data security is an especially important consideration for Agero as they run background checks via Checkr's API.

Checkr is easy for our providers and internal teams to use, and we can be confident the process is completed securely and accurately.
Peter Necheles, Chief Legal Officer

World-class data protection. We have accreditations from the Professional Background Screening Association, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27001. We are also FCRA, GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Enterprise authentication. We support single sign-on (SSO) via prominent SAML or OIDC identity providers such as Okta, Microsoft Entra ID, and Google Auth, ensuring that Checkr can be easily and securely accessed by your talent team.

Custom roles. Assign custom roles and permissions to individual members of your talent team, enabling them to complete work relevant to their role without unnecessary data access or capabilities.

99.99% uptime. You never need to worry about the scalability and reliability of our platform. We process over 3 million background checks per month with 99.99% uptime for our applications and our APIs.

Hire the best candidates with Checkr’s scalable solutions

Our mission is to set new standards in technology that empower businesses to hire outstanding talent and grow their teams. We are committed to consistently delivering innovative solutions and top-tier services tailored to meet the needs of our enterprise customers. 

We're eager to explore your needs, demonstrate our efficient enterprise capabilities, and collaborate as your organization scales. Discover why enterprises choose Checkr and learn about our premier support for enterprises, or contact us today for a detailed discussion. Our team is looking forward to connecting with enterprise leaders like you at key 2024 events including Workday Rising, Gartner ReimagineHR, and GDS CHRO Insight Summit. Speak with our experts and see how we can support your growth.

Get efficient, scalable background checks built for enterprises


The resources and information provided here are for educational and informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Always consult your own counsel for up-to-date legal advice and guidance related to your practices, needs, and compliance with applicable laws.

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