Introducing Checkr Trust: A New Standard of Safety for Marketplaces & Communities

May 01, 2024
Daniel Yanisse

Founded in 2014, Checkr empowers companies of all sizes with fast and fair employee background checks. Through our partnership with customers, we identified many needs to use government and court-related data in new and powerful ways, especially in online communities, marketplaces, and even physical locations. That’s why we’re launching Checkr Trust, a safety screening product that makes it easy to integrate fast and accurate data into your workflows. Checkr Trust enables first-of-its-kind solutions for your marketplaces and communities, keeping them trustworthy and safe for everyone.

Here are some examples of the use cases Checkr Trust unlocks:

  • Online Dating: Be the go-to app for people who want a greater sense of security for both virtual and in-person interactions.
  • Caregiving: Protect your caregivers by screening household members to help ensure you’re sending people into safe homes.
  • Ridesharing: Screen your rider community so drivers know that their safety is your top priority, and they have the confidence to say yes to more pick-ups.
  • Vehicle Sharing: Mitigate the risk of vehicle fraud and damage by screening renters for traffic violations and other relevant offenses, at a fraction of the cost of a full Motor Vehicle Report.
  • Visitor Management Systems: Search criminal and sex offender databases to help make sure the people who enter your school, hospital, office, or apartment community don’t pose a threat to safety, or are legally forbidden from entering.

Checkr Trust gives you access to instantaneous and accurate court record data to help inform decisions on who is using your platform or what level of access they should have. Unlike traditional background checks, Checkr Trust offers real-time decision making signals to detect potential risks or bad actors. By integrating your trust and safety processes with our government and court data sources via API, you can mitigate risk, create safer communities, and unlock revenue opportunities.

“At Turo, our commitment to creating a trusted & safe environment for both vehicle hosts and guests is paramount,” said Turo Senior Director of Trust & Safety Mike Wilkins. “By partnering with Checkr Trust, we’re leveraging cutting-edge technology to identify potential risks early on to mitigate downstream business impacts. This reinforces Turo as a brand that vehicle owners can trust with their valuable assets.”

The safety of your community or marketplace is a critical differentiator. Brands proactively working to keep people safe and upholding consumer trust have a competitive advantage; even a few bad actors can have an outsized impact on the health of your community. Our technology allows you to identify the risks relevant to your policies or guidelines without adding friction or impacting your funnel. You decide when, who, and what to do with the information. More options and control also bring new opportunities to drive retention and monetize enhanced trust and safety experiences. 

“Checkr Trust isn’t a background check – it’s a fast, flexible, and fair way to make better trust and safety decisions. We’ve found that many in Trust and Safety are reacting to, instead of preventing, platform safety incidents.” said Checkr Co-founder and CEO Daniel Yanisse. “Our deep experience and expertise in people, government, and court data allows us to work with platform safety teams to set new standards of what’s possible and impactful for providing trust and safety within marketplaces and online communities.”

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