What's New at Checkr: Spring Product Highlights [2024]

May 13, 2024
Checkr Editor

Watch the webinar to learn more about checkr's recent product updates — along with a preview into what we’re working on for you this quarter.

This spring, we continued to make enhancements to the candidate experience, released new Department of Transportation (DOT) checks and random drug testing, and made it easier to order searches in the Checkr Dashboard.

Watch the webinar to learn about these updates—along with a preview of what we’re working on this quarter, including turnaround time improvements, global credit checks, a way to verify multiple education degrees, and a number of enhancements to the adjudication process. 

Candidate experience enhancements

Send SMS notifications to candidates, directly from the Checkr Dashboard

When ordering background checks in the Checkr Dashboard, you can now add candidate phone numbers to send invitations by SMS, and include candidate first names to personalize background check invitations. Sending personalized candidate invitations to complete their background check application via email and SMS increases the likelihood that they’ll do so. Learn more. 

New robust screenings

DOT background checks for commercial drivers

If you’re hiring commercial drivers, you may be required to run DOT-compliant background checks on them. Checkr now offers MVR checks for both CDL and non-CDL drivers, employment verifications, and Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse searches—and can also help you manage all other DOT background checks like drug & alcohol tests and physical evaluations all in one place. Learn more. 

Random drug and alcohol testing

Now, you can manage random drug and alcohol testing directly from the Checkr dashboard. This tooling enables independent, efficient testing management, allowing you to personalize your program, randomized testers, order tests, and see results all in one place. Sign up for early access.

Ordering enhancements

Adding aliases can find 27% more records

Candidates sometimes have records under names that are different from their legal name. Not accounting for these aliases can result in missed records. Now, you can easily add aliases to your background check packages in your Checkr Dashboard for a more comprehensive report. Learn more.

Introducing bulk manual orders

Creating a manual order starts a background check on a candidate, without needing the candidate to accept an invitation or submit additional information. This can reduce friction and speed up the time it takes to complete a background check.

Now, you can create a manual order for up to 300 candidates at a time by uploading the required information into a CSV file. Learn more

Add checks to in-progress reports

Now, you can add ala carte county and state screenings to in-progress candidate reports, directly from the Checkr dashboard. Learn more.

Re-order drug and occupational health tests from the dashboard

If a clinic cancels a drug test or occupational health assessment due to a lost or damaged specimen or unperformed service, the status becomes “suspended.” You can now conveniently reorder these tests from the candidate's profile without creating a new package, saving you time on manual tasks. Learn more.

Watch the webinar to learn more about these updates, along with what’s coming in the next few months, and share your thoughts on what else you’d like to see!

checkr webinar

Spring Product Highlights

Checkr’s product leaders walk through enhancements to the candidate experience, new Department of Transportation (DOT) checks, random drug testing, and updates to enable easier ordering of searches in the Checkr Dashboard.

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