Checkr Embeds Dramatically Decreases JobDiva’s Integration Time

Joel Rakes
March 20, 2023
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With less than half the integration time of an API, Checkr Embeds helps you go-to-market faster. Learn about leading global applicant tracking software JobDiva’s experience using Embeds.

JobDiva is focused on helping businesses drive growth. From a robust CRM system to their award-winning Applicant Tracking System, and beyond – JobDiva’s flexibility is a critical advantage to clients in the staffing and recruiting industries.

Recently, JobDiva partnered with Checkr as their new integrated background check provider. The integration with Checkr provides a seamless background check functionality for all JobDiva customers directly through the JobDiva software.

Historically, a full API buildout was the sole method for integrating Checkr with another platform. Checkr’s new integration offering, Embeds, is the fastest way to add background check experiences to a product using pre-built components that you can add with a few lines of code. This simplified integration process enables customers and partners to reduce development time and more quickly build an end-to-end background check experience.

By utilizing Checkr Embeds, JobDiva was able to integrate Checkr in weeks rather than the months an API would have required. We recently talked with Courtney Revercomb, Client Solutions Manager at JobDiva, to learn how this new product simplified and shortened their implementation process and helped them get to market sooner.

We foresee Checkr Embeds as a reliable integration that will allow our clients to use it long-term with minimal or no interruptions.
Courtney Revercomb
Client Solutions Manager, JobDiva

Choosing Embeds vs. API

What was your reaction when you first heard about Checkr Embeds?

We were glad to hear this was an integration option. Compared to a traditional API integration, we knew we would be able to quickly implement the Checkr integration and make it available to our clients.

What made you choose implementation with Checkr Embeds over a traditional API?

In terms of time and effort, the Checkr embed was going to be easier to integrate. Also, it would require minimal or no maintenance from JobDiva’s end going forward.

How do you think Embeds will help support your long-term vision for JobDiva?

We foresee it as a reliable integration that will allow our clients to use it long-term with minimal or no interruptions.

Time saved using Checkr Embeds vs. traditional full API integration

4-6+ weeks

Using Embeds to meet business needs

How did you go about adjusting the behavior, look, and feel of your Embeds to suit your business needs?

Little adjustment was needed, if any. The embed was flexible enough to easily suit our business needs.

How did you ensure that the background check experience matches your product and works well with your processes?

Checkr was flexible in allowing us to choose how/where we used the Embed. It fit perfectly into our existing processes.

Can you talk about the ease of building Checkr Embeds, and how it would be a good fit for a company that might have less development resources?

The Embeds allows your Engineers and QAs to quickly implement and test an integration. There is no uncertainty on how a call/response will be handled for your team to address.

Partnering with Checkr

How has your experience been working with the team at Checkr?

We had a wonderful experience with the Checkr team. They were clear in explaining integration options to us and quickly answering questions when we had them. The Embeds integration made the integration certification with Checkr seamless!

Anything else you’d like to share about your experience with Checkr?

The integration was a team effort between JobDiva and Checkr. When the integration was in place for our mutual clients, both JobDiva and Checkr created related documentation/announcements and cross-checked them to help ensure a consistent message and instructions to our mutual clients.

We have had no integration issues to date but if they arise, we trust they’d be addressed quickly by Checkr or Checkr would quickly provide what JobDiva needs (if needed) to fix any problems.

Build faster with Checkr Embeds

Checkr Embeds provides a turnkey solution to build your Checkr integrations faster, while preserving the look and feel of your application. It reduces integration development time from months to weeks, while providing a full suite of products to enable customers and partners to create and connect accounts, order background checks, and track and view reports. Talk to our sales team to get started with Embeds.

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