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Welcome to Checkr’s fair chance hiring hub! Explore resources, find ways to engage, and hear stories that celebrate fair chance hiring. No matter what stage you’re in on your fair chance journey—novice, expert, or somewhere in between—we have the tools to help you build a successful fair chance hiring program.

Stories that move us 

We recommend starting with these stories. Why? Before you can begin solving a problem, you first need to understand it. Hear from people proximate to the problem and gain perspective on the impact of fair chance hiring. 

Reentry Simulation

Walk in the shoes of someone leaving prison and reentering society. This thought-provoking experience will both enlighten and challenge your perceptions around system-impacted individuals and their pursuit of employment. Take the time to learn and share its powerful message with your friends and colleagues.

Get started with fair chance hiring

Learn how to launch a fair chance hiring program at your organization. 


Your guide to getting started with fair chance hiring

The new decade has awakened us collectively to what is essential — access to safety, community, and employment. As we confront the cracks in America’s social system, we also confront some harrowing truths.


Hidden in plain sight: Untapped talent

This conversation with investor and author Jeff Korzenik and Executive Director Ken Oliver will highlight the business case for fair chance hiring and how it can open the floodgates of qualified talent.


3 Things you can do now to start a fair chance hiring initiative

Learn how to kick off a fair chance hiring initiative that integrates with your hiring strategy and culture. 

Your organization’s single source of truth for fair chance hiring

Built directly into the Checkr platform, the Fair Chance Dashboard will help you see first-hand how your company’s fair chance hiring data stacks up against other companies. Through the dashboard’s helpful tips, resources, and inspiration you’ll gain the actionable insights needed to bring fair chance hiring to your organization and grow your labor pool.

Add fairness to your hiring 

New for 2024, Assess Lite’s free record filtering features enable you to easily indicate which records aren’t relevant and we’ll hide them from your candidate reports; helping you drive consistency and reduce potential bias.

Expand your fair chance hiring program 

Ready to implement fairer hiring practices? Looking to optimize and expand your existing program? These resources are for you. 


How to run a fair chance interview

Take these three steps to run a skills-based interview that helps identify and recruit fair chance talent. 


Prioritizing fairness and DE&I in your hiring strategy 

Learn how you can maintain a fair and inclusive hiring culture that will inspire top talent


Candidate Stories Guide: Enabling Fair Chance Hiring Through Meaningful Engagement

Learn how to kick off a fair chance hiring initiative that integrates with your hiring strategy and culture. 


The diversity group you’re overlooking: How to be a fair chance employer

Employment is the single most important influence on decreasing recidivism. As a hiring manager, business leader, or HR leader, this is where you can make an impact and help break the cycle.

Take fair chance hiring to the next level 

Tips for developing a long-term hiring strategy that attracts and retains fair chance talent. 


The future of DEI and fair chance hiring in 2022

DEI and fair chance experts share tips to create an inclusive workplace in 2022 and beyond. 


Data-driven decision making: Research for inclusive hiring

In this session, Amanda Agan, Assistant Professor, Rutgers University,  examines how employers can use data to challenge outdated assumptions, make informed decisions, and consider the human impact of policies that categorically disqualify people from work.


5 elements of fair chance talent retention and growth 

5 ways to create a safe and successful work environment for formerly incarcerated employees. 

Unlock more insight

See more resources to help you grow your fair chance hiring program.


What are fair chance hiring practices?

Whether you’re new to fair chance or in need of a refresher, here’s all the essential information to know about fair chance hiring practices.

Celebrating fair chance

Find inspiration from these fair chance innovators as they share their role in building a fairer future.

More ways to engage

Spotlighting additional opportunities to get involved with fair chance hiring. 

Better Future

At Better Future by Checkr, we think everyday people have a right to see their background check, not just when an employer or landlord runs one on you. That’s why we built this for you, 100% free, no credit card required.

TEDxSanQuentin 2022

Be inspired by the unbelievable hardiness and vigor of a community who dares to transform punitive systems into healing ones, and who defy the status quo to change the world for the better in TEDxSanQuentin: Challenging Fears After Prison featuring expert fair chance speakers, practitioners, and artists. 


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